That 9-to-5 Grind

weekend treats // new sunglasses, work clothes, and literal treats, too.

One week later, well, I've survived!

First off, thank you for all the first day of work wishes last week. You guys are always so good to me.

For obvious reasons, there's not too much I can share specifically about the new gig. But I can say that my office is in 30 Rockefeller. Think Liz Lemon, but on the corporate side. And, like, a million rungs down that ladder. Plus a couple more. Plus a really good coffee machine. It's just as awesome as it sounds.

This internship is my first taste of a 9-to-5 job. The verdict? I miss not blowing all my money on work clothes (read: no sweatpants what), although it's the best and most dangerous thing in the world to have a J.Crew, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, AND A BEN & JERRY'S in the basement of your office. Can I just say that my routine post-work, pre-subway peek at the summer sales has been absolutely detrimental to my bank account? I miss having energy in the evening, instead of surrendering to shuteye and a couple of episodes of Orange Is The New Black. I miss naptime. I miss two classes being my only obligations most days. I miss unblistered, Rainbows-clad feet. I miss not having to turn myself into a canned sardine during rush hour subway traffic. 

But you know what.

Other than that, it's not too terrible at all. As far as jobs internships go, mine's really rad. It's exciting. It's full of energy. It's challenging, but in that motivating, inspired way. It's teaching me all kinds of things I didn't know before. It's allowing me to apply all the theories and lessons I've been lectured on and that I've written pages and pages about, in a real world capacity. That's pretty awesome. 

So, yes, the first day and the first week has been swell. But I do miss naptime. 


  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? You work in 30 Rock!? That's crazy!!! Please tell us all about it and take a picture with Jack Donaghy.

  2. That is awesome! So glad you're enjoying the (sardine/internship) real 9-5 life! Woo!

  3. sounds like you're enjoying your internship. have fun and try not to spend TOO much of your money on the enticing shopping ha.

  4. Glad your first week went well!! I can't wait to start my new job (I don't actually have a new job yet but it's happening soon haha) and so cool that you work in the Rockefeller building.

  5. I think you're living my previous life. Or hopefully my next life. I'm SOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS that you're in NYC. 30 Rockefeller?!?!?!

  6. Sounds so exciting and adventurous!! I wish you could share curiosity is KILLING me!! High five for making it through your first week!!!

  7. Yay for rad internships! And you are definitely an awesome Liz Lemon!! :)
    xo TJ


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