Beachin It, Brunchin It (With Emma Roberts), and Munchin It // #CCTakesSoCal

Four days in Orange County and Los Angeles can pass by fairly quickly, especially if one of those days is Memorial Day and spent laying out on the sand like a beached whale. Like a tanned, fat, blissfully happy beached whale.

That, essentially, was the end result of the previous three days. The only thing we could fathom doing over a very busy three days BBQing and watching The Other Woman in theaters for the second time and eating everything that we possibly could (acai bowls - wow. Cafe Rio sweet pork salads - WOW. WOWOWOW.) and getting milkshakes at Sonic and trying macaron ice cream sandwiches at Milk (wowowowwwwww) doing some window shopping at The Grove after circling blindly around in LA traffic because we were hyperventilating and couldn't breathe and were flipping the eff out and were panicking and for goodness sake, we just didn't know what to do 


We had brunch with Emma Roberts and her boyfriend of X-Men fame, Evan Peters.

I mean, like not with with them. And it truly was a matter of serendipity, really. Because Cassandra and I are two celebrity connoisseurs and each time we go to LA, we keep our fingers crossed and go through a list of 'what if we run into so-and-so,' and we talk alllllll about how we're going to be cool about it.

This time, we barely went through our process and had very low expectations. And we didn't know where to go for brunch, so we Yelped it and found a cute little place called Kings Road Cafe that sounded decent. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the hostess asked us if we'd rather sit inside or outside and we gave noncommittal shrugs because we're both so indecisive. So she sat us inside, where it was practically empty compared to its very full outside dining area. We ordered a vanilla latte - Cassandra says it's the best she's ever had - and an ahi tuna salad that was so delicious and crab cake Benedict WHAT YUM. There we were just ravenously chomping down on our food, when...

In walked Emma with her boyfriend. They sat at the table right behind me, literally if I leaned back too far, I would've fallen right into his waffles. Cassandra and I ate mostly in silence, sometimes in too-loud voices about who-knows-what, and kept on trying to see whether or not she was texting Aunt Julia about these two really cool mute girls she was sitting right next to.

(Don't think she was.)

Anyway, that was an exciting moment in an already very much-needed and wonderful mini-vacay. So yes, for four whole days - we ate and drank and hung out with starlets and laid out like beached whales. The end.


  1. why was I not invited because this looks perfect. i want to be a beached whale.

  2. Agh, living the life in LA! All my friends come back from there (we have a satellite campus which swallows up half my friends every semester) and tell crazy stories about brushes with fame. So jealous! Everything looks delicious, as always.

  3. I think you are hilarious and wonderful and reading your blog makes my day so always keep writing because you have FANS. Xoxo ps amaze balls that you saw em

  4. Gorgeous photos! All that food looks delicious! Sounds like a blast - love this post!


  5. you'll have to join next time - beaching whaling it is my area of expertise :)

  6. we've never run into anyone before! so this was extra, extra exciting!!

  7. this is the nicest comment ever! thank you so much!

  8. it really was the greatest time - missin it already!

  9. Photos look like a dream! Looks waaaaay tooo fun! :)


  10. your food photos are making me sooooo hungry!

  11. Looks like you had such a fun time :) Loving the vivid colours in your photos! xx


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