1 // How was everyone's Christmas Eve/Day/Day-After Sales?! Tell me all about it - I want to know all that you ate, presents that you received, and deals that you scored... because I'm nosy like that.

2 // Two years after starting this little sucker, I finally started a Facebook page for the blog! I don't necessarily need another social media account to maintain, but there are features of Facebook that I think will be helpful in creating more original content. Speaking of, my New Year's resolution in the blog department is more consistency - in a MWF posting schedule, content, and social media presence. Similarly, I want to make it a goal to have original content on each social media outlet. For example, on Facebook, I have plans of featuring (non-sponsored) blog crushes and new discoveries on the regular. To follow along, likey likey! (Thank you!)
A little birdy told me that there may or may not be a giveaway sooner rather than later over there...

3 // My family went easy on the presents this year, but I still got way more than enough - my favorites include fuzzy wuzzy Uggs earmuffs from the sister (so everyone can rest easy knowing my ears won't be falling off), and a Canon 50mm f/1.4 camera lens from the parentals. My heart has been going pitter-pat all week long. Look at the magic it captured this week:
 { smooshed Georgetown Cupcakes that barely survived a long day of travel w/ my sister. still delicious! the frosting is on point.}
 { child champagne. aka apple cider. }
 { a very Merry Christmas dinner }
 { my mom's (edible) artwork }
 { did you know my BFF/roomsy and I are celebrities? }
 { she knows me so, so well ... an explanation of her presents to me:

a Hogwarts shirt because you like Harry Potter and we like Target.
printed thermal leggings because you are a blogger and need to be ahead of trends.
a book because we go to Stanford and like to read. jk, it's Mindy's book.
a BFF infinity necklace... it came in a package of three. you have one, I have one, and the car has one.
Essie. I hope you lyke. }
{ hotpot! }

4 // I am OFF TO EUROPE. Up first: London, Paris, and Rome and then Oxford for three months! I'll catch you across the pond! I am not too sure what the Internet situation will be like for the next week, but I'm hoping to keep the FB page as the main Europe source. So find me there! Instagram or Twitter are also safe bets.
5 // HAPPY NEW YEAR! Resolutions, anyone? 


  1. I too received a hogwarts sweatshirt for christmas too :)

  2. Caroline you literally take the most gorgeous pictures. Have fun in Europe... for 90 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap!

  3. Oh wow; 3 months in Europe. I am so envious. I cannot wait to read your experiences and see pictures!

  4. I wasn't following you on Instagram. I'm not sure what was going on. Anyway...I am so excited about the next 3 months with you in Europe!! Ahhhh!!!

  5. The things we do for delicious cupcakes haha. I still have to try those ones. Have fun traveling!!!!

  6. Those cupcakes... I don't care how smooshed they are, I want them in my belly!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Your moms edible art work is so unique!! Happy New Year =)

  8. Totally forgot you were going to Europe!!! I'm a demon about giving advice on studying abroad so if you need /any/ tips feel free to email me. Can't wait to hear about all your adventures!!!

  9. Oh wow your camera lens is amazing !!! I love this pictures. You're coming to my side of the world, London :) You might be here in time for the snow the fall, it usually happens around jan/feb

  10. Ah so so jealous of your lens, it's on my wish list!! Have so much fun in Europe, I love all those countries and still swoon when I think of them!

  11. Great Photos!

  12. Aw, have SO much fun in Europe! You will have so much fun taking pictures with your new camera lens ;)
    xo TJ

  13. your mom's edible artwork is pretty cool & yay for getting a portrait lens! happy 2014!!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  14. Hope you have a blast in Europe!!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


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