Gift Guide: For College Girls (Or Any Girl, Really)

This gift guide is coming in awkwardly at the VERY last minute, but... what else is new around here? Think about it this way: a lot of these goodies can be printed onto a piece of paper and handed to the special girl on Christmas morning; but for the ones that can't be- save them for a birthday or a Finals Week care package! 

I know that college girls can seem like martians to some people... really just an entirely different species of our own. But hand us any of the following, and we'll love you forever. Trust me on this one. I also want to interrupt myself before I've even begun (shut up, Caroline), by saying that a lot of these would also make sweet gifts for any woman at all - not just of the collegiate variety!

For the most part, students I meet are pretty prideful of their schools and want to flaunt their mascot/logo at any available opportunity (GO CARD GO CARD). Why not gift this sweet and unobtrusive Alex and Ani bracelet for your favorite collegiate lady? This would also make a lovely gift for a recent graduate, so that they can keep their college days forever close to their heart (as the bracelet will be on wrist, where you can feel your pulse, and ahh now you get it).

These jeans by OCJ Apparel are the perfect mix of stylish and football season-ready... and they attract gazes to the gluteus maximus area - a nice icebreaker for some nice fellows alums, eh?

I'm not saying that this Keurig could potentially save your favorite college pal's life and GPA and bank account, but yes that's exactly what I'm saying.
But if you're on a tighter budget, a Starbucks card plus a couple of 5 Hour Energy drinks are a good alternative. You know how people sometimes hate gifting gift cards because they're impersonal? Well, that's crap when it comes to Starbucks. They are always always always always welcome. Catch my drift?
Inspiration hits us when we least expect it to. Say... late at night when we're grueling over an impossible problem set or trying to articulate a handful of words into an eloquent sentence. Help a sistah out and have a pretty notebook or a planner of some sort at the ready for when that moment strikes, so that her insightful thoughts are never lost! Also, this Etsy store has tons of cute journals and prints - I've had my eye on a Harry Potter themed notebook, but can't find it anymore. Maybe if you ask nicely?


Rumor has it that female millennials are huge advocates of expensive exercise classes such as Bar Method or Soul Cycle - some of my friends swear by these and say that they feel a million times better after a session. Get the university-bound muchacha a membership or even an introductory class! HEY FRIENDS AND FAMILY - I DON'T WANT THIS.
Now, if you're a bigwig, a hot stone massage would be very, very pleasant. But if you didn't just win that MegaMillions lottery, a gift card for a mani/pedi will do. Or maybe some Essie's. With a few tabloids and a terrible movie or two for her and her friends to skive off homework and watch.
A membership to Netflix or Hulu Plus will always be a hit (although I don't know why anyone wouldn't have this already). Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can buy them a month's worth, three month's worth, or even a whole year's worth! 
For the ultimate stress relief, present them with a Drybar gift certificate. Because you haven't felt joy until you've had someone wash your hair and then blowdry it into celebrity hair status. Girlfriend will be well-deservedly PAMPERED.

This tassel garland will prettify up every dorm room out there, even with ugly fluorescent lights and all. Or for something more sassy and less cutesy, how about one of these? A little does a lot in making a shoebox feel like a castle.
How about a cozy pajama set for those nights when only a box set of FRIENDS, macaroni and cheese, and her best pals will do? Although fair warning - if she's more of a chicken tenders kind of girl, you might want to get the navy version. The rattier the sweats the better, but classy pajamas? Let's keep them (visibly) grease-free.

My suite burns through a huge candle maybe once a week. We need them for ambiance, for a little bit of feel-good after a scary midterm or a long day. Nothing makes a school dormitory feel homier, nothing at all. Pick out a cheeky Kate Spade one, and she can use it as a makeup brush holder or pencil holder for years after all the wax is gone. (And I've taken a whiff at these before - they. are. heavenly.)

Stock up her bathroom with quality toilet paper. And I'm only half joking. I'll never take the good kind for granted again, after three years of being handed the thin, stiff, evil version.

And finally...
B O O Z E (and maybe some cute shot glasses too - you can't go wrong with any of the funny ones from Urban. Oooh and maybe a classy flask too).

Happy Gifting!


  1. I'm 25 but I don't think you're martians. I think those are all darling and would love any one of them under my tree :)

  2. Great ideas!! Happy Holidays!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. "HEY FRIENDS AND FAMILY - I DON'T WANT THIS." bahahah... I'm with you... nail polish and Starbucks are the way to go!

  4. Half of this stuff is on my wish list! Good choices!

  5. Caroline, these are fantastic! Mostly, I love the simplicity and practicality of each of these! The garland, Essie, jammies, and candles (yes, please!) are my faves!

  6. So many great gift ideas! I have that Essie nail set and I love it!

    The Tiny Heart
    December Group Giveaway!

  7. Can I still get in on this list even if I'm no longer a college gal? I love everything on here!

  8. SoulCycle is opening in Boston and I can't wait. I've been a couple of times in NYC and loved it. Sure is pricey though!

  9. Great post! I really loved all your gift ideas, especially the cute bracelet and the month of netflix!! :D


  10. These are such cute ideas! I love that Essie polish!

  11. Alex and Ani are great! I love their pieces. I had one gifted to me at Lucky FABB. It was in my swag bag and the charm on my bracelet is perfect for me. It is a replica of an old school NYC token! And when I was at my company holiday party I decided to wear it and turns out my boss was wearing one too!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  12. That garland really IS adorable!!!!!!!

  13. I'm always up for a new pretty notebook! And nail polish too...

  14. It´s a really nice guide, the notebook its gorgeous!

    Follow each other on GFC? please let me know.

  15. omgosh i love this list! especially the drybar gift cert!!! i have a friend that's impossible to shop for but she loves going to get her hair blowout.. i should have gotten her that for christmas.. i'll save the idea for her birthday next year.

    and as for the keurig. I WANT ONE!!!! lolololol. i'm just waiting until we move back to the states so i can get one.. here in europe everyone has a nespresso machine.. but i held out and didn't get one... because it's impossible to find the pods in the US.. whereas it's much easier to find the keurig pods everywhere!

  16. Or gifts for a teacher! Seriously I would die without my coffee! My students know that is the best thing to get me each year. I bought the essie nail polish for my a teacher friend too!

  17. Ha such a good idea to give the coffee maker!
    I know so many people who are in dire need of one..

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  18. love the 'change the world' notebook. pj's and coffee maker!

  19. Wait, but I want all of these things...

  20. I want every single thing on this list! So cute! Great job!


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